I offer a variety of services in graphic and web design, search engine optimization, and website administration. To learn more about how I approach and work through each project, please visit my process page.

Graphic Design

I develop branding that effectively represents your identity. I create many different print materials to market your brand, including business cards, brochures, annual reports, stationery, mailings, posters, and textiles. I also provide the photography and designs to turn your concept into a unique and cohesive final product.


Web Design

I design clean and engaging websites with a passion for detail down to the very last pixel. I use the latest technologies and stay up to date on design trends to ensure that my work is always fresh and modern. My strong sense of composition, grid systems, and typography connects each element to form one harmonious design.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO examines how search engines work, what people search for, and which search engines are preferred by your target audience. My strategy includes writing content that communicates your message clearly, using search and web analytics to research and monitor your site traffic, and social media marketing that builds connections and brings more visitors to your website.


Website Administration

If you haven’t created or hosted your own website before and are looking for some guidance, I can help with the basics of hosting and setting up your website. I will assist in selecting your web host, purchasing and configuring your domain, installing your website, and setting up your domain email and FTP site. I can also help link your new domain email address to your personal email.

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