A Blog Without Limits

Before I dive into this, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts and intentions behind starting this blog. I used to blog/journal regularly in the past, but stopped when I graduated from college and started working full time. I just didn’t make time for it. I worried that it wasn’t worth it to share things that happened a week or two ago when I was able to finally get around to writing about them. Over time, I realized that it didn’t matter and it’s important to reflect and remember things, as they add up over a long period of time and it would be nice to document that progression.
In the meantime, I’ve thought about getting back into it numerous times, but I didn’t know which medium to use and felt conflicted about narrowing the scope of what I write about to fit into a specific category when I want to write about everything and anything. I finally thought, “Why not use my own website where there is no outside influence or distractions like in social media?” Why should the purpose of my website only be to showcase my work? Sure, it makes sense for freelancers that are often looking for new gigs, but that is not the case for me. Plus, I pay for my website every year and there won’t be annoying ads that are present on other platforms (unless you’re using an adblocker). I feel like so many people only share their work persona on their website and/or LinkedIn profile and all their personal content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. I often have more to say than the character limit you’re given on these social platforms. Why not have the courage to be vulnerable enough to show your complete self in one space instead of constantly compartmentalizing your life?
I don’t care about whether or not others read my blog, which is why I’m sharing it here instead of on social media. My intention is to use this tool to document my life from the concerts I attend to creative experiment/studies that should not be added to my portfolio to what’s happening in my garden. This is my story.